Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Love

A Quiet Good-bye...

As the trees slowly make their way back outside, one by one like a evergreen train, the house begins to fill with that early holiday scent of fresh trees and a faint hint of gingerbread. A trail of browned needles leading the way from each room prove as little footprints of a full and finished season.

The Christmas china is carefully pack in their bright red boxes and loving stored. As each box is placed securely in its yearly home, a sweet memory of times gone past make their way front and center and force a smile along side a little tear of love as it passes by the lists of today.

One by one the bowls of everyday make their way back home filling the shelves with their happy colors. They are quickly joined by plates & tea cups who also had been hiding out during the holiday season. The morning of New Years day alive with slight cheering of their return proved to be a perfect reminder that the season was coming to a close and a New Year had begun.

With all the excitement whirling a much needed rest was in order, along with some anti-holiday french fries.

Wishing all a very Happy New Year filled with the perfect balance of
Peace, Patience, Understanding, Joy, Inspiration and Love.


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