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A Little Bit Stephanie

I spent my early years of childhood living in a wonderful country house that my grandparents designed & built.  I was barely old enough to help when they broke ground, but for a toddler, I was pretty good at sanding. As soon as I was old enough, my Papa taught me how to chop wood, shoot a gun & turn wood. When I wasn't out side working with my hands, I was inside with my Grand Mum learning how to bake pies from scratch and use the had grind for fruit salad.

We moved between the city and the country but as I got older no matter where we lived during the school year I always ended up spending my summers at my Aunt & Uncle's farm in Wisconsin. I kept busy learning how to garden, caring for the farm animals, hay bailing , can & pickle, exploring, field trips, candle making, crafts, writing, singing and performing at senior centers, hand sewing &painting, drawing, writing and good ol' fashioned outdoors playing.

When I finally made it out West, we settled into a little house on Balboa Island in Southern California. It was here I met my deepest Love, learned to lounge at the beach & enjoy weekly trips to the Farmers Market.

As we started to expand our family, I felt a strong desire to share with our children the joy of working with the hands and to truly enjoy childhood.

I hope that you enjoy reading about our life adventure. It's never to late to slow down and enjoy a little bit of childhood memories. May you have a little childhood living in you.

Stephanie Hooper
Living Childhood


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