Monday, May 30, 2011

Return Love

The spring always seems to fill up so quickly. A time when everyone climbs out of their little winter cocoons, spreads their wings and begin to fly. 

There has been a mish-mash of activity going on around here, not to mention the new guests.

This friendly fellow just showed up one morning & helped us devoure our tasty breakfast

 We enjoyed playing at the park with some new friends.

And, another Great Easter Egg hunt thanks to Uncle J and his magnificent hand painted eggs.

Clever Robot hiding

and Elmo trying to pretend to be a flower or berry but the kid was far to clever to be tricked.

Adventures being Thing One & Thing Two and hanging with The Cat in the Hat.

Stair Sliding at Grandpa & Grandma's
(mommy holding her breath & car keys just in case an E.R. trip was in the immediate future)

Rock Jumping 

Art School accepting.

<3 Stephanie


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