Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reading Love

It's funny how children change and grow. Above, you will find little items we thought would never grace the top of our daughters nightstand.... Yet, there they are, quietly waiting to be opened and explored....

Preschool Love

We started school this month, including preschool for the littlest one who was feeling a bit left out as everyone began working and creating. Luckily I had some of these books on hand...

A little coloring picture and an attempt to write "dad"
a very colorful puzzle put together all by oneself...,
And a little mastering of shapes while playing with color.... I think he's off to a great start.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


You may notice a duplicate date / posts...Today I transferred all my post from one blog to the other... Welcome home...

Family Love

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Lounging

Nature Walking

Things have been quite busy around here as we tried to get the very most out of our last few weeks of summer. Intermixed with dentist, orthodontia & one emergency Dr. appointment we were able to squeeze in some great memory making time with the ones we love.

An afternoon at beach with Auntie & Uncle all the way from Texas
, a trip to Ruby's , a walk with papa, a final playdate with our summer friends, a little swimming, a little more swimming with cousins, trips to the library, bookstore, park & a little playtime in the jungle... looks like all is winding down quite well....

Clean Love

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It feels good to be clean...

Clean "bubble rain"

Clean Shoes

Clean Dinosaur Friend

Clean Teeth

Business Love

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A different kind of Friday

Our Fridays usually take us to Huntington beach where we enjoy the fresh veggies of the farmers market, a little browsing at the craft fair and then a spot on the sand where we park our crew for the rest of the day.

However.... this Friday proved to have different plans in mind. It was a lovely day and supremely peaceful with only a slight hint of disappointment at the realization of the change. This was quickly replaces with imaginative thoughts and delight as the eldest & youngest trotted off upstairs to work." It seems that our son is CEO of his very own company located on the second floor of the Hooper building. I hear his staff is an amazing bunch, very efficient and direct. I received mail from his office informing me that my products were good enough for his company to sell. Yeah!

Sew... as this was taking place on the second floor, the first floor proved to be the perfect studio for our 8 year old, who had decided that she is ready to have her very own etsy shop. Beginning with a list of things-to-do, she quickly moved to sketching out her design idea and before I knew it was stitching away..."so today I will work on the flower and some of the mountains, tomorrow I will finish the mountains & start on the tree..."

This dilligent bussiness left the door open for my very own quiet freedom & thus I began to measure, cut & sew....Here is what I cam e up with as I am not much of a pattern artist...I just sew what pops into my head.

And sew after a couple hours, a little product missing it's velcro & a perfect excuse to head to the craft store for some embroidery thread and other notions, I sneak out with a little CEO in tow and an afternoon full of promise.

Full Love

Play Love

Yesterday was a very full day. We had the pleasure of playing host to some of our favorite playmates. It all started with a spontaneous sleepover from our friends who were returning home from a weekend at Lake Arrowhead Village - Lollipop Park.

The morning began with a little this and a little that...Yummm. Then we added three more friends into the mix, brought in the guitar and the drum set, hit play on the keyboard & away we went on our musical balloon.

A little later, we made it to the pool. For you can never start pool lounging to early, right?

Then some dancing outside....

And, finally a pause for a perfect little picture...

Sandy Love

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chasing a neighbors run away lunch sack
As it flys by...

After a very full morning & early afternoon, the girls slipped off to enjoy a wonderful Friday night movie with their grandmother, aunty & cousins. Seeing that we were already in the parking lot at the Huntington Beach Farmers Market, we took the opportunity to grab the sand toys and blanket and headed out to enjoy the evening, alone, with our littlest one....

Apparently those five dinosaurs are a little camera shy so they buried
their heads and pretended to be a flock of ostriches


And a little help from dad...

The temperature was perfect, the beach clearing out, warm waves, wet sand & our friends, the dinosaurs...What a wonderful evening.

Yesterday's Love

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The morning started quiet enough,
with the sound of a soft plea for chocolate chip pancakes, I paused.

Thankfully, I had a package of one of the best chocolate chip pancake mixes , happily waiting on the pantry shelf for it's turn at bringing a little joy into the morning routine.

I love how quick and easy the very tasty and healthy pancakes whip up. It made me giggle a little to write healthy as I looked up to notice a can of little whipped dairy pleasure peeking into the photo...but like I like to say, it's all about balance, right?

None the less, there is just something wonderfully magical about a warm breakfast. For it is the only meal that can tip toe around a quiet & settled house, sneaking into each room and tickling the nose of every sleeping beauty. It is pleasantly mischievous, with it's ability to wake even one of those many sleeping summer teens...

After we filled the room with morning conversation and bellies full of culinary delights, a quick clean up together before everyone went their separate ways did not last near as long as I had hoped. The house got early morning quiet as they all slipped away.

Thankfully I had something to do...

Slimy Love

Green, smooth, slimy... I love it!
A houseful of little ones ( and not so little preteens) keep the home full of love, laughter and squeals of pure delight.

Today's adventure to us to the magical world of science & wonderment. It's amazing how some simple little ingredients like cornstarch, water & green food coloring can transform from basic kitchen ingredients to a slide of slime into another world.

The clean up crew in me likes how easily a little water & a cloth can quickly wipe away all traces of such adventure happening at the black table.

Not all adventurers were interested in the slimy goodness that the black table had to offer. While all backs were turned, this little chef decided that we was far interested in basting a bowl full of Jell-o then partaking in getting sticky and green. He is such a tidy little one in the kitchen. First apron, then making...yum.

I am convinced that the green slime has some special properties in it. After a half an hour of play there was only a third of the amount from when we started. I am fairly certain that they were not eating it. Fairly. The eldest two were daring each other to try "just a drop." After a little gagging & then squealing I heard a voice " well, it does taste better than the play-dough we made last year"

This then prompted me into action. I quickly pulled out the saucepan, flour, salt, cream of tartar & Kool-Aid (just for this occasion). Within minutes I was rolling a large warm purple grape smelling ball between the parchment paper. Whoosh! "May I have it? Hot potato, hot potato! Who wants to play hot potato?" As the warm ball leaves my hands, someone turns on the music....


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