Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stitching Love

As much as I appreciate the variety of educational Apps & how quietly they keep the little ones busy during periods of waiting & car tripping, there is something wonderfully peaceful about traditional busywork.

I start the kids stitching at an early age and it is something that they always go back to when in the mood for something quiet and calming. There are so many great printed fabrics & blue line patterns available that there is something for everyone. Tracing a print with their thread is a great way for them to practice a variety of stitches. I love all that the fabric shops on etsy have to offer. A couple of my favorites can be found here, here & here

My crew loves the pictures and clear stitching instructions found in Aimee Rae's books and frequently refer back to those pages. 
The older ones are working on a secret project (I'll reveal at a later date) that incorporates their sewing, color theory & stitching skills. We are all very excited about this philanthropic endeavor they have decided to embark on.

So far this week :

Traditional Handiwork - 1
Apple - 0

How do you keep your little ones busy?


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Our school year is almost over and we are looking forward to the new adventures summer has to offer. It would seem that I have a little photo catch up to do before then. Enjoy a little view into the last four months.


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