Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still Love

It's nearly 10am and the house is still so peacefully quiet. The children are sleeping or quietly reading, filling their energy tanks with fuel before blasting off to a full and fun filled day ahead.

Yesterday, I woke up to the bulldozing screeching sound of ALL the neighborhood kids right outside our home. Apparently, the mouse the cat dropped off at our front door was experiencing rapid decomposition thanks to many natural insects that make our courtyard their home. It took 9 hours, and in the end the children were left with a spine, a skull with the tiniest teeth, a little bit of a tail & some fur. The rancid smell that had accompanied the experimental lab earlier in the day had completely vanished.  

 After a quick recovery from such an unexpected beginning, Belgium Waffles with Nutella were in order & the day had officially begun. Our home was quickly alive with the pitter-patter of eight pairs of little feet. Heaven. The youngest two (4 year olds) built a secret club house nestled in the corner of the family room. Cuddled in between the couch and a favorite lounging chair they we able to create a world of their own in which they played for hours. Quiet giggling and well executed conversation between the two and their imaginary friends was priceless.

The older crowd experimented with soy candle wax flakes, a wood block and some shredded paper, trying to create a something they could roast a hot dog over. Adult supervision required. Sadly, their hopes and dreams for that particular experiment never quite made it to fruition.

It was moving day for our friends and no one wanted the day to end. The kids kept busy, experimenting, building, remembering, chatting, playing, creating & planning. Our eldest loves road trips and made promises  that a 3000 mile road trip for a visit was in her future.

Summer is a time for so many wonderful things. It's like a holiday from regular life that prepares you for the rest of the year.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Picnic Love

I love Spring and Summer.
 It seems like the days where you can smooth out the Grasshugger and pull out the picnic china to enjoy an afternoon lunch with friends finds itself more of a frequent necessity than a rare treat.

On the very best days you can sit for hours, chatting with friends while the children run around in circles exploring, bring tiny treasures back to the blanket for safe keeping. A rock friend and a variety of flower blossoms find their new home in the bamboo basket that just finished it's job of holding the delectable but simple lunch so quickly consumed. 

A simple day, sweet giggling, branches waving in the breeze, time ticking - without caring, 
A Simple Day Indeed!

Wishing you a schedule with a free day to enjoy. 

 - Stephanie


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