Saturday, January 21, 2012

Business Love

It amazes me how our eldest has pretty much always known what she wanted to be when she grew up. She started writing stories through pictures when she was just a tot and is now enjoying art high school with her many writing conservatory classes.

Our youngest is following in her footstep in the sense that for the past two and a half years he has told us that he is going to be an artist which has now turned into artist/designer. He is 5 and continues to enjoy learning new skills in the area.

Our middle girl has struggled as she is an "in the moment" girl. This fact has often found her feeling left out as if she didn't have any talents. She has many talents, but like someone else, she has less focus. That is until this past year. We introduced her to interior design and textiles. She is smitten. She created a board for her bedroom remodel and did quite a good job executing her ideas. Her hand stitching continues to improve and she is learning how to block print using her drawings. It is very exciting to see her light up as she creates.

She has some exciting news brewing, but, you'll have to wait for that. (hint: Spoonflower) She does plan on including it on her OCHSA application next year. So exciting!

I love watching them as they figure out who they are at this moment. I know they will grow and change, but I do Love watching them enjoy being the writer/artist/designer they are now.

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