Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Color Change

Mixing it up

It's amazing what modern children have access to. Games, books, toys, a myriad of items have flooded the market all hoping to find their niche in a billion dollar industry. From toys with images of fine art, beautifully illustrated stories, to computer generated games & ideas or $0.99 rubbish, we have only a little clue as to absolutely everything they come in contact with. Toss in any phone or game App , and you widen the gap between what we had during our childhood & what they have.

Bingo, Memory, Letter & Numbers, iTouch & in-process Dino Sock Puppet

Today at lunch while I finished eating, my son, playing on this , mentioned that he was going to paint his pumpkin orange. Earlier this year we learned about the color wheel so I asked him is he remembered what colors you mix in order to make orange. He confidently replied " Green, blue & red." Slightly confused, I reminded him that red & yellow make orange.  "You're so silly mom! Red, Green & Blue make Orange!" and the kid promptly opened up his app and showed my just how RGB make orange.

Silly Me.

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