Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A different kind of Friday

Our Fridays usually take us to Huntington beach where we enjoy the fresh veggies of the farmers market, a little browsing at the craft fair and then a spot on the sand where we park our crew for the rest of the day.

However.... this Friday proved to have different plans in mind. It was a lovely day and supremely peaceful with only a slight hint of disappointment at the realization of the change. This was quickly replaces with imaginative thoughts and delight as the eldest & youngest trotted off upstairs to work." It seems that our son is CEO of his very own company located on the second floor of the Hooper building. I hear his staff is an amazing bunch, very efficient and direct. I received mail from his office informing me that my products were good enough for his company to sell. Yeah!

Sew... as this was taking place on the second floor, the first floor proved to be the perfect studio for our 8 year old, who had decided that she is ready to have her very own etsy shop. Beginning with a list of things-to-do, she quickly moved to sketching out her design idea and before I knew it was stitching away..."so today I will work on the flower and some of the mountains, tomorrow I will finish the mountains & start on the tree..."

This dilligent bussiness left the door open for my very own quiet freedom & thus I began to measure, cut & sew....Here is what I cam e up with as I am not much of a pattern artist...I just sew what pops into my head.

And sew after a couple hours, a little product missing it's velcro & a perfect excuse to head to the craft store for some embroidery thread and other notions, I sneak out with a little CEO in tow and an afternoon full of promise.

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