Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slimy Love

Green, smooth, slimy... I love it!
A houseful of little ones ( and not so little preteens) keep the home full of love, laughter and squeals of pure delight.

Today's adventure to us to the magical world of science & wonderment. It's amazing how some simple little ingredients like cornstarch, water & green food coloring can transform from basic kitchen ingredients to a slide of slime into another world.

The clean up crew in me likes how easily a little water & a cloth can quickly wipe away all traces of such adventure happening at the black table.

Not all adventurers were interested in the slimy goodness that the black table had to offer. While all backs were turned, this little chef decided that we was far interested in basting a bowl full of Jell-o then partaking in getting sticky and green. He is such a tidy little one in the kitchen. First apron, then making...yum.

I am convinced that the green slime has some special properties in it. After a half an hour of play there was only a third of the amount from when we started. I am fairly certain that they were not eating it. Fairly. The eldest two were daring each other to try "just a drop." After a little gagging & then squealing I heard a voice " well, it does taste better than the play-dough we made last year"

This then prompted me into action. I quickly pulled out the saucepan, flour, salt, cream of tartar & Kool-Aid (just for this occasion). Within minutes I was rolling a large warm purple grape smelling ball between the parchment paper. Whoosh! "May I have it? Hot potato, hot potato! Who wants to play hot potato?" As the warm ball leaves my hands, someone turns on the music....

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