Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year and a Confession

As our children began to grow older, (more like spring up overnight), I began to pull back on posting to any social media sites. In an effort to protect their privacy as they matured I ended up stopping a laundry list of wonderful things that gave me an outlet and allowed me to document their everyday adventures. I didn't realize the impact of my actions until last month when all three children piled into our bed and took short walk down memory lane. It appears that there was much that they forgotten  about which only surfaced on their memory after a stroll through this blog.

I find it quite comical that they are more than disappointed in my choice to stop posting their every move when so many kids would love to have a little privacy from the outside world.

So to appease my children, and those interested in our journey, I will begin blogging again this year. I am hoping for it to be full of new adventures & experiences that all will enjoy.

To a new year full of the greatest memories that will hopefully live on inside.

Happy 2014


 This New Years Eve decoration was created by painting designs onto some tracing paper we had. 
We used gold & silver craft paint to create the same design on two sheets. Once dried, we used an accordion fold on both and secured them together in the middle using bakers twine. We carefully unfolded the paper and used a basic glue to secure the open edges together. Finally, we secure the pieces on the wall in front for small white lights as seen below.

The kids had a wonderful time helping with this project.


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