Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakfast Wars

Around here breakfast is pretty important.  And, not in the traditional " breakfast is the most important meal of the day, now EAT!" sort of way.

 Truth be told, I'm not a breakfast person. I would be content to sit in a chair and secretly listen to the happy chatter as they pour themselves a bowl of breakfast delight but the two youngest (and my husband) Love breakfast.They love a FULL breakfast. I think they also enjoy the sitting around the table discussing dreams, plans or ideas. It's a type of bonding for them & a lot of morning silliness comes out.

Luckily for me I can sometimes get away with simple French toast if I distract them by creating it into shapes and putting a pattern on it by using the panini press. That and a small 4oz cup of chocolate milk rescue me from an hour+ midweek production. It could be worse. I could ignore them(but not really).

How do you handle the whole breakfast deal?


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